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The Goldman Group's commitment to pioneering new thinking in real estate creates landmark buildings that have revitalized several city neighbourhoods. The Goldman Group is a fully integrated private real estate development company that has developed properties nationally and internationally, both for its own portfolio as well as joint venture partnerships. By constantly applying innovative thinking and approaches coupled with a lean, well-disciplined management structure under the direct control of its founder, Murray Goldman, the company has flourished even in the most challenging economic conditions. The Goldman Group team includes multi-disciplinary, awardwinning experts in their respective fields of planning architecture, marketing, finance, construction and engineering. The company’s commitment to urban revitalization and innovation focus on guiding a project’s every aspect ensures that it adds value to the quality of life of a neighbourhood and enhances a community’s future.


The Lash Group of Companies is a fully integrated Real Estate Development, Construction and Property Management company. We believe that whether we are creating an innovative condominium, a great neighbourhood rental residence or exceptional office or retail complex, what we’re really doing is building enduring value – this is the encompassing commitment we make to you. For 60 years, our pioneering spirit has ensured that we lead, not follow. From creating inspired designs with the latest environmental considerations to being first to see the potential of new neighbourhoods, to our commitment to quality, our long history of experience makes the Lash Group of Companies one of Ontario’s most enduring and respected names in the industry. Welcome home to Lash, where we build on our past to create your future.

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